6 Easy Ways to Track Business Transactions

There is more to businesses than just buying and selling goods and services. A business can grow and even branch out. Before you get excited about the future, first you must learn Låna 15000 how to keep track of your business. You don’t need to be an accounting whiz either, this articles will show you some useful ways to keep track of business transactions.

We’re talking about cash flow, which can be positive or negative. Positive cash flow is when money comes in. Negative cash flow is when money leaves the account.

It’s important to handle finances correctly so that you can keep cash flow positive. Many companies experience financial trouble mishandled books, which then leads to wrong budgeting and over spending. Here are some tips on tracking your business transactions:

1. Record everything.

Whether it’s a ledger book or spreadsheet, it’s important to write down all business transactions. Spreadsheets are easier as it can automatically do calculations and you can change items without having to use the eraser. Firstly you have to start with the balance forward, and then you can start counting your monthly payments going out and receivables coming in. Business deals should be done either in cash or check.

2. Categorize.

Money comes in and goes out all the time, but what are you using it for? It’s important to note down if the money was spent on rent, supplies or advertising. This will also set up categories in a general ledger later on.
3. Appoint a finance officer.

It’s important to appoint someone to handle the books. It is common in some companies, that if there are more than one person withdrawing cash, your books can easily go out of sync. There should be an appointed person who will handle all aspects of finance and maintain communication between everyone.

4. Master checkbook.

It is always good to have one checkbook rather than two, just like one check writer is better than two. Use a numbered checkbook when you’re paying bills so that you can keep everything in consecutive order. Use the check stubs to record the amount and payee, that’s the part that’s left when the check is torn out.

5. Deposit everyday.

Some people leave the deposits to end of the week or just until there are more money to deposit. This is fine for personal accounts, but for a business account that doesn’t offer much of a trail of verification. This is good for business too to record transaction dates.

6. Collect money as soon as possible.

There might be transactions recorded but your bank account is still empty. Hence collecting money is important to balance your books. So you should keep payment terms to thirty days and no more than sixty.

If the finances are in disarray, then it’s easy for a business to go under. These pointers above may seem like a lot at first, but you will soon get used to it. When you do you will see how smoothly your business runs.

2010 Lincoln MKS Test Drive Review

The Lincoln MKS for 2010 bristles with technology. Car wrap Melbourne To us at least, the (really) big news is the optional EcoBoost engine package. This is a strong arm Lincoln that has few peers when it comes to prodigious thrust. Therein lies the charm of Lincoln’s twin turbo package. It provides the performance of a much larger displacement engine, but when you keep your foot out of the go-pedal, the fuel-efficiency of a smaller V-6. Advantage: Torque. And in this situation, Lincoln could have the best game in town.

The big news brings us to the big debate: horesepower versus torque. Torque is what you feel when you kick down an automatic transmission and it pins you to the seatback. Torque is what allows an engine to run relatively low RPMs down the road, but still prove to be totally useful when you need to effortlessly pull out and pass someone or something. The truth is, horsepower is the result of mathematics and engine speed. Torque is what gets the job done. But there’s more: If you have an engine that produces copious quantities of torque in a low RPM range, that same engine can be tuned to be very efficient. Now, it’s no secret you can build torque in a large number of ways. The old way was to build big displacement, long stroke engines. North American luxury cars relied upon that game plan for decades. But big capacity isn’t always the most energy efficient and, generally speaking, they tend to be more difficult to harness from an ecological perspective. Another way to achieve the same torque results, but simultaneously improving the fuel economy is by way of turbocharging.

And that’s exactly the path Lincoln chose for their new optional 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for their 2010 Lincoln MKS flagship. As Lincoln points out, “With the fuel economy of a V-6, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine delivers an impressive 355 horsepower and a responsive 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a broad rpm range. That gives the Lincoln MKS the power of a normally aspirated 4.6-liter V-8. It also means a Lincoln MKS can deliver more performance and provide better fuel economy than many of its Asian or European competitors, even some competitors’ V-8s. In order to arrive at this performance level, Lincoln engineers chose to incorporate water cooled, twin parallel turbochargers. They operate simultaneously and work in tandem with a gasoline direct-injection fuel delivery system to produce power instantly when you mash the gas pedal. The result is lag-less performance from the twin-turbo’d engine. Another big benefit is the gasoline direct fuel injection system where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber by way of high pressure (2,175 PSI, according to Lincoln engineers). Effectively, six individual jets spray fuel directly into the chamber. There is no delay from the time the fuel is injected to the time when it is used by the engine.

Equally important is the fact that the incoming air charge (compressed by the twin turbos) is effectively cooled by the directly injected fuel. Two important side benefits include improved fuel burn and lower emissions. In terms of measurable numbers, the MKS with EcoBoost produces its peak power (355 hp) at a comparatively low 5700 rpm but, most important, the little V-6 produces maximum torque (350 foot-pounds) at a very low 3500 rpm. Equally significant, the torque curve is flat. That means useful power is obtainable (in a big way) almost anywhere you need it. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mileage numbers for the 2010 Lincoln MKS are: 17/24 city/highway for MKS FWD; 16/23 for MKS AWD, and 17/25 city/highway miles per gallon for the 2010 MKS AWD with Ecoboost. As you might have guessed, the prodigious performance provided by the EcoBoost engine grabbed most of our attention (it’s that good). Yet truth be known, the rest of the top-line Lincoln is no slouch either. In order to get the big torque to the ground, the Lincoln incorporates a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shift activation backed by an all-wheel-drive system. Lincoln engineers went through the automatic so that it was up to the task of backing the stout twin turbo’d V-6.


Nutrition Preventive Medicine

Nutrition and Breast Cancer: Why eating healthy can help reduce the risk

The rate of cancer is increasing every day, and breast cancer can be prevented by yearly checkups. The sharp rise in cancer can be linked to the modern way of life. It seems we are always short on time and with no time to prepare a decent meal. Our body functions on proper nutrition and very often, we take our health for granted. If you take note of the figures below from the American Cancer Institute, you might want to pay closer attention to your health, especially since this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The westernized eating patterns and eating habits are a major contributor to this disease. High consumptions of saturated fat, cholesterol, refined carbohydrate, sugar, salt, and highly processed foods play a major role. Other major factors include the use of fast foods, canned and
bottled foods, along with genetically modified foods.

So we need to give our body nutritious food to have healthy cells, and to be able to live a life with joy away from illnesses. The body is naturally able to handle a certain amount of toxins either from food or the environment. It’s essential to be in touch with what is happening inside or outside of your body and not to ignore any of these signs.

It is crucial to get rid of any build-up through urination, bowel movement, sweating, and activity. If we ignore the facts or try to control the symptoms by medications and don’t make any changes in our eating habits, the disease will keep growing.

This build up of cancer can occur in different forms such as urinary disorders, cysts, stones, and excessive discharges. As excess toxins from food and the environment keeps on gathering inside, it will be slowly stored inside a sac that we know today, as tumors. As these sacs maximize their capacity, they will find a new area to build up another sac (spreading).

One aspect of these sacs is that they keep these toxins contained, avoiding the toxins to enter the blood in a faster way, causing death sooner. So that’s the reason it is so important to treat illness at its early stages and allow the body to regain its balance.

If we pay attention to the body’s natural being we would have less challenges regarding health and can live a more joyful life.

Keeping all this in mind, we can see there is a link between our ways of eating and all kinds of cancer.
But some foods can make your body healthier, improve your immune system, and keep your risk for breast cancer at a minimum. Even though there’s no food or diet to cure cancer, some food may help control treatment side effects or help your body get well after treatment. Some food choices may help cancer treatment work well or may help keep you healthy. Others can be dangerous, interfering with treatment and recovery. If you need help all you have to do is
ask for it says Cancer Survivor Tom Wilson at a recent Relay for Life Cancer event in Hollywood.

The FDA is now recommending consuming at least five servings of high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables to minimize the risk of getting the cancer.
Research reveals that women who control their intake of sweets and sugar, dairy products, saturated fatty foods like pizza, hamburgers and more were able to improve their condition. Cutting back on bleached white flour products such as white bread, crackers, cakes, and cookies also helps.

Limiting your fat intake to a small amount of fat and eating healthy fats likeomega-3 fatty acids is smart, too. Avoid trans fats, red meats, and charred or smoked foods.

Cancer Survivor Barbara Harris Curry says, whatever you do don’t give up:

Making sure that a daily diet full of high nutrients foods such as beans, brown rice, and mixture of different vegetables may help the body to gain its balance back. Nuts, and antioxidant fruits are also excellent.

We don’t hear much about a vegetable that I consider it to be the “jewel” of the vegetable family, and that it is “kale”. When you look at its nutritional value one cup of kale has such high nutrients and it helps in making the condition better. Eating sweet vegetables will curve the cravings for sweets and sugar. Cabbage and carrots are just some high power super foods.

This might surprise you, but if you want a fruit that packs a punch in flavor and nutrients buys some strawberries. They have about 1,000 nutrients. This can never be put into a bottle, it exists only in nature. A recent research was done on onions and mushrooms, too, showing that the enzymes in these valuable vegetables were anti-cancer.

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is the cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results. It will be conducting its annual research conference on November 3-4 2011 in Washington, DC. on food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. I’m looking forward to all the new food related research that will be discussed.

Sources of nutrition and breast cancer include Harvard School of Public Healthhttp://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/alcohol-full-story/index.html#alcohol-and-breast-cancer

The Cancer Project, diet and cancer research: Meat consumption and Cancer Risk http://www.cancerproject.org/diet_cancer/facts/meat.php

National Cancer Institute, Coenzyme Q10 and cell growth
United States Department of Agriculture, Diet and Disease:

There are other high nutrient foods readily available in the super markets that most of us can’t even imagine how powerful they may be. The grocery store is your pharmacy.

Investing – Make Your Money Grow

So, you want to start investing your money; saving for the future, and, hopefully, pulling down a big profit here and there. But the investment world is scarier than låna pengar utan uc ever in today’s world. You know you need to invest your money somewhere…but where can you invest it without the risk of losing it all and starting the process of securing your financial future from scratch—like so many others had to do in very recent memory? Especially if you are new to the investment game, you may be intimidated and feel like you don’t quite know where to start. But investing for beginners doesn’t have to be scary. There are relatively “safe” investment opportunities out there, along with professionals who can help.

Investing for Beginners; Some Common Places to Start
When you’re just stepping into the investment world, the single most important thing is that you cultivate some level of understanding what you are about to get into. Now, investing for beginners can be overwhelming if you try to understand everything, so just settle on a couple of investment areas in which you are interested and feel relatively comfortable, and make the effort to know those areas backwards and forwards. It is advisable to enlist the help of a professional in that area, especially when you’re just starting out. Some common places to start investing for beginners are:

• Real Estate

Real estate investing for beginners can serve a variety of investment goals, whether they’re long term, short term or residual.

Long Term Real Estate Investing

Involves investing in a property with the expectation of increased value over the course of several years.

Short Term Real Estate Investing

Involves investing in a property with the intention of “flipping” it for quick, one-time profit.

Residual Real Estate Investing

Involves investing in a property with the intention of renting or leasing out the space for either commercial or residential purposes for long-term, residual income.

• Stock Market

Just the thought of this one is just about enough to induce a full blown anxiety attack, isn’t it? But the fact is that as long as you invest in the stock market within a risk area in which you are comfortable, it needn’t be so stressful. Yes, the market will experience fluctuations—some more dramatic than others—but wise investment decisions, over the long term, will most often pay off.

Investing for Beginners; Strategy
Equally as important as the investment types you choose is your overall investment strategy. Determine your investment goals to help you design a strategy that is best suited to reaching those goals, and balancing the risk factors to a level you are comfortable with.

Investing for Beginners; Diversity
One way to manage the risk factors of investing is to diversify your portfolio. Include a mix of investments to include varying levels of risk and varying investment types. This diversity will help you to maintain a comfortable balance throughout your investments.

Investing for beginners may seem an intimidating venture at first, but when you enlist the help of a professional to get you started and simply exercise a little common sense in your investment choices, you increase your chances of investment success.

How to Do Social Media Better for 2013

Want your business to be more successful in 2013? One way to make this happen is to tap into social media and leverage social media’s relationship building advantages.

There are plenty of resources online that can help you learn more about social media – Social Media Examiner offers insights and practical how-to’s, a number of local and national firms offer online training in nearly all aspects of social media (just Google these), bloggers write or chat with a stranger strategically about social media, and both virtual and inperson conferences abound. For those who prefer the benefits of personalized, customized social media assistance, there are a number of good social media consultants (mini plug for those looking for help in the Charlotte, NC area).

If you’re already involved with social media for your business, now that 2013 and thoughts of the New Year are upon us, it seems to be a good time to reflect on what might be ahead for social media, digital communications, and social marketing as it relates to small business.

The Jetsons

Just as the Jetson’s cartoon of the 1960′s had imaginings of tools of the future, so today do we look to what we know and add what we can imagine to it. Will we be right? No! Or at least not totally.

While we’re still dealing with potholes and traffic issues, not buzzing around in space a la Jetsons, we dohave robots, microwave ovens and frozen dinners that were showcased 50 years ago in a cartoon which projected how the future could be. In other words, we can have a clue.

So as I look ahead for small businesses, I see that 2013 will continue to be all about building relationships and having your product or service visible to the people who want and need what you are selling.

The trends support this: rapid changes in technology – with mobile, continued growth of the Internet, the cloud – and the continued personal pressures of 24/7 living and multi-tasking. One way to adapt to the evolution in technology and to leverage personal time constraints is through efficient and effective engagement with social media.

So what specifically can you do this next year to improve your social media and digital communication business benefits? Here are a few ideas:

Focus on building relationships
Use Twitter strategically by reaching out and having conversations with people you don’t easily have access to – search by either conversation (keywords help here) or by person (prospects, thought leaders, customers, anyone who can benefit from your product or service). You can do this on other social media platforms as well.
Participate in LinkedIn Groups – showcase your knowledge and provide help (non-salesy) to people by answering questions and contributing to discussions.
Use LinkedIn for research – before meetings or networking events to gain knowledge about who you’re talking to and who they may know that you would like to know.
Select the few appropriate social media platforms to be involved with (every business is different – some will best build communities on Facebook, others on Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and engage regularly.
Social media continues to evolve and be relevant as a tool to help you manage and craft your future. Done well, with strategic intent and focus on your audience(s) and business goals, social media can expand your reach, do some of the heavy lifting in nurturing relationships, and position you and your business to be able to find leads and convert them to customers.

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Treating It With Diet Plan & Lifestyle Changes

It seems that a single on the main culprits leading to acid reflux is alcohol. Not superior news for the drinkers amongst us. Take heart although, it’s probably only codydramol excessive consuming that’s to blame – perceived wisdom is that a couple of glasses of wine with your dinner won’t hurt you, even though there’s some argument as to whether or not red or white is better. Personally, I locate white wine more acidic and therefore assumed that it would be much more probably to cause acid reflux.

Nevertheless, as alcohol prevents the oesophageal sphincter from working correctly and thus allows belly acid to reflux into the oesophagus, the acidity with the alcohol may perhaps be irrelevant. Notwithstanding that, when consuming alcohol, limit quantities and dilute spirits with h2o or a mixer. Wine may perhaps also be diluted with water or lemonade. Gassy drinks like champagne and beer ought to be avoided if possible.

Alcohol isn’t the just culprit – chocolate, peppermint, coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks this kind of as colas and citrus fruit juices also inhibit the regular workings from the oesophageal sphincter so maintain intake of these to an absolute minimum, if you ever can’t offer them up completely.

Chewing gum and consuming tough sweets result in excessive air that should be swallowed, therefore creating wind and reflux.

Fatty and fried meals also delay the emptying in the belly so steer distinct of any fatty meat, particularly those discovered about the delicatessen counter, such as salamis, sausages and patés. “Fatty” includes full fat milk and other dairy products (cheese, cream, butter, margarine). Tomatoes can aggravate the condition in some people, as can spices this kind of as chillies (powdered, fresh or dried) and any derivatives like Tabasco. Condiments this kind of as Worcestershire and soy sauces and any sort of horseradish or mustard really should also be taken with care.

Now for your good news – you’ll be able to consume, with some freedom, vegetables (not tomatoes), chicken and turkey (without having skin), fish, apples, peaches, melons, pears and berries. You possibly can consume, in moderation, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, low fat spreads and cottage cheese. Oh, and you can drink h2o until you float!

Several other things you are able to do to stay clear of or alleviate acid reflux are:

Prevent consuming big foods – little and typically is better.
Stay clear of eating as well late at night.
Do not lie down or bend over when you’ve just eaten a meal.
Put blocks of wood under the head from the bed to raise it by six inches or so.
Try not to wear tight clothing close to the region belonging to the abdomen and stomach.
Nicotine weakens the lower oesophageal muscle – offer it up – it is not good for you anyway!
Lose weight should you require to. Obesity is not only ordinarily caused by eating all the meals that you simply need to be avoiding, but leads to worsened acid reflux.

Ultimately, everybody is diverse and foods that some people today can tolerate induce incredibly painful indigestion for others. Only you may notify, so be sensible and prevent individuals meals that have an adverse effect.