5 Innovative Uses of Solar Power

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If you have heard about solar power before you may think of it specifically as a collection of solar panels on the roof of a residential or commercial property. This is a very popular application of solar power, which is fast growing in popularity due to the significant financial and environmental benefits that it can bring.

But outside of solar panel installation on properties, there are examples of solar power being used across the globe in different and innovative ways.

We often come across these other uses of solar power through our research and networking with other businesses in the solar industry, and have compiled our five favourite innovative uses of solar power …

1. Solar powered battery

This incredibly innovative solar-powered battery can be stuck to a window, charged and then used as a standard plug! The battery attaches to a window via a suction cup and then harnesses the sun’s energy to charge the battery, or directly charge devices that are plugged in.

Essentially is it a portable electricity socket and will be perfect for charging items such as mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players.

Definitely one to add to the gadget wish list! Click here to find out more about the solar powered battery.

2. Solar powered illuminated fence

A 13 year old cattle herder in Kenya needed a solution to protect his father’s livestock from lions, and after realising that the lions were afraid of a moving light he designed an illuminated fence that he calls ‘lion lights’. The fence is made from a car battery that is charged via a solar panel, and torch bulbs to scare lions away with light.

This is an ingenious use of solar power that has now been rolled out around many areas in Kenya to protect livestock and scare lions away without harming them. Click here to find out more about the solar powered illuminating fence.

3. GROVER, NASA’s Greenland Ice Sheet Explorer

NASA are using solar panels to power a machine which explores the Greenland ice sheet; GROVER is NASA’s newest rover, and is a machine which is mounted on caterpillar tracks and weighs over 800 pound.

GROVER will explore the Greenland ice sheet; the ice sheet which made headlines last year in the summer, when high temperatures in the region cause 97% of the surface layer to melt.

The scientists are hoping that GROVER, equipped with solar panels and a radar, will be able to pinpoint the layer of the ice that formed after last year’s melt. Click here to find out more about GROVER.

4. Solar powered sunglasses

One of our favourite innovations are these solar-powered sunglasses which can power your small devices.

The lenses of the glasses have solar cells which collect energy; you can then use the energy to power small devices such as your MP3 player or phone.

We think this is a great feature, especially when paired with the stylish and modern design. Click here to find out more about these sunglasses.

5. Solar powered aeroplane

Solar powered vehicles are on the rise and technological developments in this area are increasing rapidly.

The Solar Impulse is a solar powered aeroplane that has made the news many times over the last few month; it holds the record for the longest manned zero-fuel flight after flying across Europe without using any fuel, and is currently part way through its US tour.

The next challenge for the Solar Impulse is to fly around the world using solar power alone – amazing! Click here to find out more about the Solar Impulse.

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