Xspec Folding Bikes

Xspec-26-inch-21-Speed-Folding-Mountain-BikeCycling is now one of the most popular hobbies in the world. People love to take their bikes out at the weekend and go exploring in the countryside. There has also been a trend with more people choosing to cycle to and from work on a daily basis.

With cycling more popular than ever, companies like Xspec have been developing new ranges of bikes which are more useful to the customer. This means more efficiency, slicker style and more durable components.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are one of the biggest things in cycling right now. Folding bikes are designed to be portable for everyday cyclists as they can be folded over and take up very little room. They’re also made from lightweight material so they can be picked up and transported easily.

Folding bikes are perfect for those with limited storage space who like to keep their bike inside and secure. They’re also great for those who travel and want to take their bike with them on public transport or planes.

Xspec has released a range of folding bikes which look great and are proving very popular. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Xspec Bikes

Xspec are not one of the most well known brands around but while they aren’t the biggest name out there they’re growing fast. They’re showing they know how to make a great bike that brings a lot of value to the user.

Xspec have a fairly diverse product range which ranges from mountain bikes to city bikes. They also have a full range of folding bikes, including some folding mountain bikes which are increasing in popularity especially in Europe.

Xspec Folding Bike Features

Xspec are making a name for themselves for the bikes they produce and sell. They’re all available through a range of vendors both online and in stores. Xspec bikes are all built to be useful to the customer and allow everyone to get on the road easily. They are all made to be:

Made with some of the most durable materials the Xspec bike collection is built to last. Solid and lightweight frames make them easy to operate and portable too. All the various elements come together to produce a bike that works really well.

Xspec are impressing people with their stylish product range. The folding bikes all have simple, but elegant, designs that make them look good wherever you use them.

Modern Technology
Xspec use modern technology to make their bikes as effective as possible. A lot of their bikes include over 20 gears meaning you can use them over a lot of different terrains. Traditionally folding bikes did not operate well, but Xspec are breaking the mould and have made some great folding mountain bikes.

Xspec have made their folding bikes easy to use and effective so they’re suitable for leisure riders or more dedicated cyclists who are always on the road.

Overall Xspec have done a great job in creating some uniquely effective road and mountain bikes that can be stored and moved easily.

Choosing your Xspec Bike

Every bike in the Xspec range is worth exploring because of the great features they’ve built into them. For more details check out the Xspec Folding Bike Reviews

When to Go to the Chiropractor

Not every backache and pulled muscle needs a trip to the chiropractor, but many people ignore their musculoskeletal problems far too long for fear of how much it will cost them to get it treated or because they simply don’t want to go to a chiropractor. However, this can lead to the problem becoming far more serious over time, as many musculoskeletal problems will not go away on their own. Of course, even if the problem does get better later, it may get a lot worse first, and the one suffering from pain may have wished they went for treatment earlier.

It’s important to be treated when there is a medical problem, but not everyone knows when it is time to go for treatment and when it’s okay to just stay at home and self-medicate.

Usually a doctor will let someone know if they need a chiropractor or not. The problem may not be severe enough for a chiropractor in some cases of back pain or muscle pain. Sometimes, the doctor will simply recommend bed rest, lightening the workload or taking some pain medication. But their will also be times when the doctor prescribes chiropractic care, and patients need to take the doctor’s advice then and not assume that they can treat the problem themselves.

Chiropractic care focuses in hard tissue damage, and a simple massage or at home treatment may not be able to take care of the problem if it is in the hard tissue. While a chiropractor may use massage in their treatment, they are often dealing with problems are that are far too severe for massage to treat effectively on its own.

Of course, in order to get a doctor recommendation, the person would have to first go to the doctor for help. If the problem is severe and mild pain relievers aren’t enough to make it go away, and it persists for more than a day or two, then it is important to see the doctor.

If the doctor recommends that patient goes to the chiropractor, it may be for more than just back pain. A chiropractor in Greenville, SC can treat joint pain, insomnia, ear infections, tension and more. Greenville residents can start at the site chiropractor in Greenville SC to learn more about chiropractic care, what their options are and to find a decent chiropractor in the area.

Discreet Alkaline Water Options Appeal to Consumers

While many people are looking for a way to make their water more alkaline and enjoy the health benefits that it provides, they also don’t want a bunch of equipment on their kitchen counter, near their sink, making their house look messy. They want the advantages offered by alkaline water, but don’t want to be obvious about it. Having an ionizing unit on their countertop is a constant reminder that their water is going through a process before they drink it, and it also takes up precious space and clutters their kitchen.

With toasters, microwaves, can openers, juicers and more already vying for counter space, another machine up there is not welcome, so it makes sense for consumers to lean toward alkaline water options that can fit under their counter. These are discreet and out of the way, and there are a few different ones for consumers to choose from.
With the alkaline market exploding over the last few years, there is no shortage of options for consumers, and that includes the under-the-counter options. One of the more popular of these is the KYK 66000. This machine is very powerful and effective, yet can be made completely discreet, operating out of sight and out of mind.

Consumers know this by reading the KYK 66000 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine review that various sites post, but not everyone takes time to read reviews before they buy an alkaline water machine. They should, however, since these are expensive machines and not all of them are of the same quality. With so many options on the market today, not all of them can be good options nor can they achieve the high level of quality that consumers would expect from a product that is so expensive. Some of the ionizer machines can be several thousand dollars, and it only makes sense to read a review before purchasing one of them.

Sites like KYK 66000 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine review offer in-depth reviews so that consumers can find out about these expensive products before they put down their hard-earned money for it. They can know if their investment will be a sound one or if they need to look elsewhere for the discreet ionizer they are hoping for.

How to lose chest fat

before and after lose chest fatsPeople hate chest fat and especially men.  It is believed to be the second most hated thing by men as baldness is ranked number one.   The best thing about chest fat is that you can eliminate it. It will not cost you a fortune and all you need is to be committed to a healthy lifestyle and the fat will be transformed in to lean muscles. A large population of men is struggling with chest fat and it’s very annoying. To lose it, you must be persistent and determined to get your slim chest back.   

Some people are prone to chest fat accumulation. Other people do not have this problem as the fat chooses to occupy other parts of the body. A lot of fat on the upper body makes you look disproportional. While it’s very ugly in women, it does not look any better in men.  

Some people want to lose the weight and fat on the chest only. But weight loss does not work like that. To get lean muscles on the chest, you have to work out with all your body. So when you do exercises, you burn calories and the fat goes away. No only on the chest, but it includes other parts of the body.  To lose a pound of fat, you must burn about 3500 calories of more than what you consume. It is advisable to lose about two pounds in one to two weeks.  Fast weight loss sets you up for rebound.

Which is the best way; diet or exercise?

Diet and exercises are both important if you want to lose chest fat.  People who lose weight and manage to stay slim use exercises and a healthy diet.  You need endurance exercises such as jogging, treadmill and stairs. They increase your heart rate and enhances metabolism in your body.  You should also use resistance training to build muscles. It helps to burn calories and your body grows lean.

You can join a gym or just work out at home. You should not let your tight budget stop you from working out. Get a mat and dumb bells and get started in your chest fat loss journey. But be sure to change your overall life style habits. Some people will work out for an hour and he eat snacks all and spend long hours lying on the couch.

Be active even though at first it may not seem to be effective. But with time, you will realize that it’s effective.  If you find that it takes too long for the chest fat to disappear, talk to your doctor, he or she may recommend some weight loss pills to accelerate the process.

We have given you some great tips and advice on how to lose chest fat in a short amount of time and for you to get your confidence back in no time at all.

5 Innovative Uses of Solar Power

Here at 24 Solar we are MCS approved installers of solar panels, installing solar panels to homes and businesses across West Yorkshire. We are advocates of green energy and innovation in solar power is an area that has recently seen a huge amount of technological development visit us: http://www.energysmart.com.au/

If you have heard about solar power before you may think of it specifically as a collection of solar panels on the roof of a residential or commercial property. This is a very popular application of solar power, which is fast growing in popularity due to the significant financial and environmental benefits that it can bring.

But outside of solar panel installation on properties, there are examples of solar power being used across the globe in different and innovative ways.

We often come across these other uses of solar power through our research and networking with other businesses in the solar industry, and have compiled our five favourite innovative uses of solar power …

1. Solar powered battery

This incredibly innovative solar-powered battery can be stuck to a window, charged and then used as a standard plug! The battery attaches to a window via a suction cup and then harnesses the sun’s energy to charge the battery, or directly charge devices that are plugged in.

Essentially is it a portable electricity socket and will be perfect for charging items such as mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players.

Definitely one to add to the gadget wish list! Click here to find out more about the solar powered battery.

2. Solar powered illuminated fence

A 13 year old cattle herder in Kenya needed a solution to protect his father’s livestock from lions, and after realising that the lions were afraid of a moving light he designed an illuminated fence that he calls ‘lion lights’. The fence is made from a car battery that is charged via a solar panel, and torch bulbs to scare lions away with light.

This is an ingenious use of solar power that has now been rolled out around many areas in Kenya to protect livestock and scare lions away without harming them. Click here to find out more about the solar powered illuminating fence.

3. GROVER, NASA’s Greenland Ice Sheet Explorer

NASA are using solar panels to power a machine which explores the Greenland ice sheet; GROVER is NASA’s newest rover, and is a machine which is mounted on caterpillar tracks and weighs over 800 pound.

GROVER will explore the Greenland ice sheet; the ice sheet which made headlines last year in the summer, when high temperatures in the region cause 97% of the surface layer to melt.

The scientists are hoping that GROVER, equipped with solar panels and a radar, will be able to pinpoint the layer of the ice that formed after last year’s melt. Click here to find out more about GROVER.

4. Solar powered sunglasses

One of our favourite innovations are these solar-powered sunglasses which can power your small devices.

The lenses of the glasses have solar cells which collect energy; you can then use the energy to power small devices such as your MP3 player or phone.

We think this is a great feature, especially when paired with the stylish and modern design. Click here to find out more about these sunglasses.

5. Solar powered aeroplane

Solar powered vehicles are on the rise and technological developments in this area are increasing rapidly.

The Solar Impulse is a solar powered aeroplane that has made the news many times over the last few month; it holds the record for the longest manned zero-fuel flight after flying across Europe without using any fuel, and is currently part way through its US tour.

The next challenge for the Solar Impulse is to fly around the world using solar power alone – amazing! Click here to find out more about the Solar Impulse.

Learn more about solar power 24 Solar provide solar panels for businesses in Wakefield, Leeds and across Yorkshire.

Eight Subjective Factors Affect the Female Sterility

The female sterility can be brought on by a lot of factors, such as unhealthy habits and environmental pollution. That is to say, each subjective elements and objective factors can affect the sterility. Positive Health Wellness Eight subjective aspects will be introduced as follows.

1. age It is known to all that numerous illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes can effortlessly happen among the middle-aged pregnant girls. The occurrence of illnesses can affect the typical growth of the fetuses and trigger fetal anomaly and even sterility in the future.

2. excessive obesityObesity can destroy the internal secretion, disturb the ovulation and cause a variety of diseases like high blood pressure and heart illness. It has been mentioned that the appearance of such illnesses can seriously cause the female sterility.

three. blind weight lossIf women lose weight blindly in everyday life, the internal secretion, menstrual cycle and ovulation can all be disturbed. At the identical time, the malnutrition can also be brought on to have an effect on the sterility. If women have reached 30 years old, they need to lose weight carefully.

four. abortionAbortion can trigger pelvic inflammation and adnexitis to cause sterility. What’s far more, it can also make the endometrium turn out to be thin. If females turn out to be pregnant in the future, the embryo can not be well protected.

five. genital inflammationColpitis can have an effect on the acidity-basicity in the vagina and enhance the number of white cells to have an effect on the survival of sperms. Cervicitis can also reduce the activity of sperms. Pelvic inflammation can cause the conglutination and the distortion of oviduct to finally induce sterility.

6. unhealthy sexual habitsUnhealthy sexual habits can induce pelvic inflammation and sterility. If girls conduct sexual intercourse regularly, the bacteria can easily enter pelvic cavity via the loose cervix uteri to induce infection. What’s more, menstrual blood can also be left in the pelvic cavity to cause endometriosis. Therefore, the sterility can be caused.

7. wine and coffeeDrinking can certainly impact the fertility of the human body. Alcohol can have an effect on the absorption of nutrients. For example, the intake of a cup of red wine can reduce the content of zinc in the human body. Zinc is the standard element to improve the fertility. Caffeine can also impact the fertility. Two cups of coffee a day can reduce the fertility by 50%.

8. high pressureHigh pressure of work and life can disturb the internal secretion and menstruation and induce sterility. Ladies should understand to relieve the pressure in every day life.

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Here’s a Method for Creating a Serene Workspace

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, setting up a stylish and inviting workspace is an important step. The best offices combine fashion with function, creating an area that’s as enjoyable as it is useful. Simply follow the steps below so that you can be on your way to designing a workspace that’s fresh and livable.

Hidden Storage Is Key

Nothing says stress like overflowing desks, file cabinets jammed full, and shelves crammed to maximum capacity. Give your materials plenty of room for today and the future by installing some handy storage solutions that blend in with their surroundings. For instance, the Vertical Cherry Filing Cabinet features sleek, minimalist lines and a spacious interior for stylish storage that enhances your work environment. To take it one step further, find fabric that you can drape over the sides of this cabinet, add a vase on top, and voila! You have an instant table. Thanks for visiting!

Extra Shelves Make All the Difference

Bookcases can be for work or for pleasure, like the Ergocraft Laguna Bookcase. A steel reinforcement rod increases its weight capacity while the adjustable shelves can hold practical items like books, notepads, and binders as well as fun decorative items, including picture frames and small plants. If you are creating a seating arrangement, then storage ottomans are a must-have for some extra space. And of course, wall shelves are a necessity for any tight area. You can arrange a few office supplies in with stylish pieces like candles or small statues. When you organize your papers and office supplies, you’ll create a lot more space (or the illusion of space) that’s so important in making a peaceful work atmosphere you can enjoy.

Surround Yourself with Comfy Seating

For many people, the office is where they spend the majority of the day—so why shouldn’t it be as comfortable as possible? Start off with a cushy desk chair that’s just your style, like the Ergo Mesh Back Task Chair. The casters, full swivel, tilt, and tension control let you position this chair just how you like it while the Ergo mesh back contours to your back for breathable comfort that won’t overheat you in the middle of the day.

Next, consider whether or not you need a seating arrangement in your office. Do clients and coworkers often meet in your workspace? If so, you definitely need to think about setting up some extra chairs, end tables, or perhaps a loveseat. For smooth, clean lines and classic style, check out the Boss Caressoft Reception Box Arm Chair. Rich mahogany wood finished legs complement the soft vinyl upholstery that’s supported by molded polyurethane office partitioning
. A good match for this chair is the Clove Love Seat with its pliable faux leather cover, classic tapered legs, and track arms. You’ll love sinking into the thick padding of this popular choice.

Pillows and Rugs Add Plush Comfort

Rugs and throw pillows will complete your new office arrangement, bringing an extra touch of comfort and luxury. You’ll want to kick off your shoes everyday with the Hand-woven Shag Solo Rug underfoot. Casual, yet modern, this dense area rug provides a luxurious feel and comes in solid colors that are easy to match with furniture and other accessories. If you’re looking to add an interesting print to the room, choose the Hand-tufted Metro Flower Wool Rug. The thick pile still provides the comfort you’re looking for while the large, elegant design will bring a modern element to your office. For a touch of contemporary elegance, look to the Seville Knife-Edge Pillows. These decorative pillows look great on chairs or love seats and will bring additional comfort to your work area.

Search for Zen-Like Accessories

To finish off your peaceful office retreat, select accessories that will not only provide a soothing effect but also convey your style and personality. The Mahogany Candle Globe is a good pick, with its fresh floral scent and interior that’s painted with wax for a unique pattern. An Array of brown and mahogany tones makes this candle easy to match with many decorating themes while 50 hours of burn time means that you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Bring empty wall space to life with the Tree of Life Wall Hanging. Handmade in Haiti of recycled oil drums, each wall hanging displays exquisite detail and is personally signed by the artist. From bookends to photo frames, canvas art and more, there is a whole world of accessories for you to explore for your office oasis.

Allowing your new workspace to have plenty of discreet storage, shelves, comfortable seating, and fabulous accessories will pay off in the long run. With these few simple steps, you’ll soon be relaxing in your chic office haven! Visit: http://www.floodemergencyservices.com.au/

Bathroom Granite Countertops

Yes, you can afford the luxury of granite countertops. We bring to you affordable and quality granite countertops. With our unique direct factory to customer supply chain, the end consumer can save hundreds on granite countertops. What are you waiting for? Shop around compare our prices. If we have a color that matches your carpet flood damage Melbourne decor, then there is no other choice for granite. Our granite countertops will make your remodel or new build complete. If you need one countertop for a small remodeling project or 100 granite countertops for a construction project, we are your granite countertops solution.

Granite countertops delivered at factory direct pricing for you, the retail customers. A new granite kitchen top will make your home stand out at an affordable price.

When building new or a simple remodeling, new granite countertops can make your design and build process complete and beautiful. An affordable wholesale vanity. Yes, you can afford new granite countertops. Our factory direct countertops ship from the factory directly to your destination when you need them. Compare our prices for your next granite countertops. You could be saving hundreds on your new countertops.

Our countertops typically deliver in 10 to 14 days after your order is placed. Our delivery is prompt and professional. Providing you with the granite countertops that make your countertops the pride of your home. Get your quality countertop and make your home all it can be.

Contacts us at: granite countertops, for any questions you have about our countertops program.

Delivering quality countertops in a timely manner is our specialty. With a large granite countertops program available, we are able to deliver amazing savings to our retail customers. Browse through the color selection, pick your size and check out our prices. Check out the granite countertops and compare our prices with your local supplier. Your granite countertops are affordable and delivered to your destination when you need them.

Custom cuts sizes and configurations are available. Email us for details on custom vanity tops, granite countertops and volume orders. Adding new granite countertops to your home or condo will bring the touch of class and style you are looking for. Step up to granite in your home or condo.

Granite countertops can add the beauty, style and class to your bathroom or kitchen that you have been looking for. Our countertops are delivered from the factory directly to you. This saves you hundreds of dollars from normal retail purchasing channels. We offer standard sizes with custom sizes and configurations available. Pick one of our colors and check out our prices. You will be amazed at how much you can save on your next remodel. Yes, you can afford new granite countertops on your next remodel or new build.

2010 Lincoln MKS Test Drive Review

The Lincoln MKS for 2010 bristles with technology. Car wrap Melbourne To us at least, the (really) big news is the optional EcoBoost engine package. This is a strong arm Lincoln that has few peers when it comes to prodigious thrust. Therein lies the charm of Lincoln’s twin turbo package. It provides the performance of a much larger displacement engine, but when you keep your foot out of the go-pedal, the fuel-efficiency of a smaller V-6. Advantage: Torque. And in this situation, Lincoln could have the best game in town.

The big news brings us to the big debate: horesepower versus torque. Torque is what you feel when you kick down an automatic transmission and it pins you to the seatback. Torque is what allows an engine to run relatively low RPMs down the road, but still prove to be totally useful when you need to effortlessly pull out and pass someone or something. The truth is, horsepower is the result of mathematics and engine speed. Torque is what gets the job done. But there’s more: If you have an engine that produces copious quantities of torque in a low RPM range, that same engine can be tuned to be very efficient. Now, it’s no secret you can build torque in a large number of ways. The old way was to build big displacement, long stroke engines. North American luxury cars relied upon that game plan for decades. But big capacity isn’t always the most energy efficient and, generally speaking, they tend to be more difficult to harness from an ecological perspective. Another way to achieve the same torque results, but simultaneously improving the fuel economy is by way of turbocharging.

And that’s exactly the path Lincoln chose for their new optional 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for their 2010 Lincoln MKS flagship. As Lincoln points out, “With the fuel economy of a V-6, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine delivers an impressive 355 horsepower and a responsive 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a broad rpm range. That gives the Lincoln MKS the power of a normally aspirated 4.6-liter V-8. It also means a Lincoln MKS can deliver more performance and provide better fuel economy than many of its Asian or European competitors, even some competitors’ V-8s. In order to arrive at this performance level, Lincoln engineers chose to incorporate water cooled, twin parallel turbochargers. They operate simultaneously and work in tandem with a gasoline direct-injection fuel delivery system to produce power instantly when you mash the gas pedal. The result is lag-less performance from the twin-turbo’d engine. Another big benefit is the gasoline direct fuel injection system where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber by way of high pressure (2,175 PSI, according to Lincoln engineers). Effectively, six individual jets spray fuel directly into the chamber. There is no delay from the time the fuel is injected to the time when it is used by the engine.

Equally important is the fact that the incoming air charge (compressed by the twin turbos) is effectively cooled by the directly injected fuel. Two important side benefits include improved fuel burn and lower emissions. In terms of measurable numbers, the MKS with EcoBoost produces its peak power (355 hp) at a comparatively low 5700 rpm but, most important, the little V-6 produces maximum torque (350 foot-pounds) at a very low 3500 rpm. Equally significant, the torque curve is flat. That means useful power is obtainable (in a big way) almost anywhere you need it. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mileage numbers for the 2010 Lincoln MKS are: 17/24 city/highway for MKS FWD; 16/23 for MKS AWD, and 17/25 city/highway miles per gallon for the 2010 MKS AWD with Ecoboost. As you might have guessed, the prodigious performance provided by the EcoBoost engine grabbed most of our attention (it’s that good). Yet truth be known, the rest of the top-line Lincoln is no slouch either. In order to get the big torque to the ground, the Lincoln incorporates a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shift activation backed by an all-wheel-drive system. Lincoln engineers went through the automatic so that it was up to the task of backing the stout twin turbo’d V-6.


Nutrition Preventive Medicine

Nutrition and Breast Cancer: Why eating healthy can help reduce the risk

The rate of cancer is increasing every day, and breast cancer can be prevented by yearly checkups. The sharp rise in cancer can be linked to the modern way of life. It seems we are always short on time and with no time to prepare a decent meal. Our body functions on proper nutrition and very often, we take our health for granted. If you take note of the figures below from the American Cancer Institute, you might want to pay closer attention to your health, especially since this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The westernized eating patterns and eating habits are a major contributor to this disease. High consumptions of saturated fat, cholesterol, refined carbohydrate, sugar, salt, and highly processed foods play a major role. Other major factors include the use of fast foods, canned and
bottled foods, along with genetically modified foods.

So we need to give our body nutritious food to have healthy cells, and to be able to live a life with joy away from illnesses. The body is naturally able to handle a certain amount of toxins either from food or the environment. It’s essential to be in touch with what is happening inside or outside of your body and not to ignore any of these signs.

It is crucial to get rid of any build-up through urination, bowel movement, sweating, and activity. If we ignore the facts or try to control the symptoms by medications and don’t make any changes in our eating habits, the disease will keep growing.

This build up of cancer can occur in different forms such as urinary disorders, cysts, stones, and excessive discharges. As excess toxins from food and the environment keeps on gathering inside, it will be slowly stored inside a sac that we know today, as tumors. As these sacs maximize their capacity, they will find a new area to build up another sac (spreading).

One aspect of these sacs is that they keep these toxins contained, avoiding the toxins to enter the blood in a faster way, causing death sooner. So that’s the reason it is so important to treat illness at its early stages and allow the body to regain its balance.

If we pay attention to the body’s natural being we would have less challenges regarding health and can live a more joyful life.

Keeping all this in mind, we can see there is a link between our ways of eating and all kinds of cancer.
But some foods can make your body healthier, improve your immune system, and keep your risk for breast cancer at a minimum. Even though there’s no food or diet to cure cancer, some food may help control treatment side effects or help your body get well after treatment. Some food choices may help cancer treatment work well or may help keep you healthy. Others can be dangerous, interfering with treatment and recovery. If you need help all you have to do is
ask for it says Cancer Survivor Tom Wilson at a recent Relay for Life Cancer event in Hollywood.

The FDA is now recommending consuming at least five servings of high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables to minimize the risk of getting the cancer.
Research reveals that women who control their intake of sweets and sugar, dairy products, saturated fatty foods like pizza, hamburgers and more were able to improve their condition. Cutting back on bleached white flour products such as white bread, crackers, cakes, and cookies also helps.

Limiting your fat intake to a small amount of fat and eating healthy fats likeomega-3 fatty acids is smart, too. Avoid trans fats, red meats, and charred or smoked foods.

Cancer Survivor Barbara Harris Curry says, whatever you do don’t give up:

Making sure that a daily diet full of high nutrients foods such as beans, brown rice, and mixture of different vegetables may help the body to gain its balance back. Nuts, and antioxidant fruits are also excellent.

We don’t hear much about a vegetable that I consider it to be the “jewel” of the vegetable family, and that it is “kale”. When you look at its nutritional value one cup of kale has such high nutrients and it helps in making the condition better. Eating sweet vegetables will curve the cravings for sweets and sugar. Cabbage and carrots are just some high power super foods.

This might surprise you, but if you want a fruit that packs a punch in flavor and nutrients buys some strawberries. They have about 1,000 nutrients. This can never be put into a bottle, it exists only in nature. A recent research was done on onions and mushrooms, too, showing that the enzymes in these valuable vegetables were anti-cancer.

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is the cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results. It will be conducting its annual research conference on November 3-4 2011 in Washington, DC. on food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. I’m looking forward to all the new food related research that will be discussed.

Sources of nutrition and breast cancer include Harvard School of Public Healthhttp://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/alcohol-full-story/index.html#alcohol-and-breast-cancer

The Cancer Project, diet and cancer research: Meat consumption and Cancer Risk http://www.cancerproject.org/diet_cancer/facts/meat.php

National Cancer Institute, Coenzyme Q10 and cell growth
United States Department of Agriculture, Diet and Disease:

There are other high nutrient foods readily available in the super markets that most of us can’t even imagine how powerful they may be. The grocery store is your pharmacy.

How to Do Social Media Better for 2013

Want your business to be more successful in 2013? One way to make this happen is to tap into social media and leverage social media’s relationship building advantages.

There are plenty of resources online that can help you learn more about social media – Social Media Examiner offers insights and practical how-to’s, a number of local and national firms offer online training in nearly all aspects of social media (just Google these), bloggers write or chat with a stranger strategically about social media, and both virtual and inperson conferences abound. For those who prefer the benefits of personalized, customized social media assistance, there are a number of good social media consultants (mini plug for those looking for help in the Charlotte, NC area).

If you’re already involved with social media for your business, now that 2013 and thoughts of the New Year are upon us, it seems to be a good time to reflect on what might be ahead for social media, digital communications, and social marketing as it relates to small business.

The Jetsons

Just as the Jetson’s cartoon of the 1960′s had imaginings of tools of the future, so today do we look to what we know and add what we can imagine to it. Will we be right? No! Or at least not totally.

While we’re still dealing with potholes and traffic issues, not buzzing around in space a la Jetsons, we dohave robots, microwave ovens and frozen dinners that were showcased 50 years ago in a cartoon which projected how the future could be. In other words, we can have a clue.

So as I look ahead for small businesses, I see that 2013 will continue to be all about building relationships and having your product or service visible to the people who want and need what you are selling.

The trends support this: rapid changes in technology – with mobile, continued growth of the Internet, the cloud – and the continued personal pressures of 24/7 living and multi-tasking. One way to adapt to the evolution in technology and to leverage personal time constraints is through efficient and effective engagement with social media.

So what specifically can you do this next year to improve your social media and digital communication business benefits? Here are a few ideas:

Focus on building relationships
Use Twitter strategically by reaching out and having conversations with people you don’t easily have access to – search by either conversation (keywords help here) or by person (prospects, thought leaders, customers, anyone who can benefit from your product or service). You can do this on other social media platforms as well.
Participate in LinkedIn Groups – showcase your knowledge and provide help (non-salesy) to people by answering questions and contributing to discussions.
Use LinkedIn for research – before meetings or networking events to gain knowledge about who you’re talking to and who they may know that you would like to know.
Select the few appropriate social media platforms to be involved with (every business is different – some will best build communities on Facebook, others on Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and engage regularly.
Social media continues to evolve and be relevant as a tool to help you manage and craft your future. Done well, with strategic intent and focus on your audience(s) and business goals, social media can expand your reach, do some of the heavy lifting in nurturing relationships, and position you and your business to be able to find leads and convert them to customers.

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