Eight Subjective Factors Affect the Female Sterility

The female sterility can be brought on by a lot of factors, such as unhealthy habits and environmental pollution. That is to say, each subjective elements and objective factors can affect the sterility. Positive Health Wellness Eight subjective aspects will be introduced as follows.

1. age It is known to all that numerous illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes can effortlessly happen among the middle-aged pregnant girls. The occurrence of illnesses can affect the typical growth of the fetuses and trigger fetal anomaly and even sterility in the future.

2. excessive obesityObesity can destroy the internal secretion, disturb the ovulation and cause a variety of diseases like high blood pressure and heart illness. It has been mentioned that the appearance of such illnesses can seriously cause the female sterility.

three. blind weight lossIf women lose weight blindly in everyday life, the internal secretion, menstrual cycle and ovulation can all be disturbed. At the identical time, the malnutrition can also be brought on to have an effect on the sterility. If women have reached 30 years old, they need to lose weight carefully.

four. abortionAbortion can trigger pelvic inflammation and adnexitis to cause sterility. What’s far more, it can also make the endometrium turn out to be thin. If females turn out to be pregnant in the future, the embryo can not be well protected.

five. genital inflammationColpitis can have an effect on the acidity-basicity in the vagina and enhance the number of white cells to have an effect on the survival of sperms. Cervicitis can also reduce the activity of sperms. Pelvic inflammation can cause the conglutination and the distortion of oviduct to finally induce sterility.

6. unhealthy sexual habitsUnhealthy sexual habits can induce pelvic inflammation and sterility. If girls conduct sexual intercourse regularly, the bacteria can easily enter pelvic cavity via the loose cervix uteri to induce infection. What’s more, menstrual blood can also be left in the pelvic cavity to cause endometriosis. Therefore, the sterility can be caused.

7. wine and coffeeDrinking can certainly impact the fertility of the human body. Alcohol can have an effect on the absorption of nutrients. For example, the intake of a cup of red wine can reduce the content of zinc in the human body. Zinc is the standard element to improve the fertility. Caffeine can also impact the fertility. Two cups of coffee a day can reduce the fertility by 50%.

8. high pressureHigh pressure of work and life can disturb the internal secretion and menstruation and induce sterility. Ladies should understand to relieve the pressure in every day life.

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